PixelPAC specialise in wireless and wired technologies and have the experience and expertise to find intelligent solutions for your communications problems in all areas across Western Australia, including industrial, commercial, mining, household and domestic. 

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We are a registered Telstra sub-contractor delivering intelligent solutions for your communications needs throughout Western Australia. 

structured cabling

Intelligently designed, installed, repaired & maintained high speed network cabling.


Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) is a wireless technology that uses multiple transmitters and receivers – allowing faster data transmission rates than a single mobile broadband device can achieve.


Cel-Fi solutions optimise cellular coverage while improving voice quality and access to data via 3G & 4G.  Cel-Fi can be fixed, mobile or both.

point to point & multipoint systems

If you would like to share internet from one building to another or to many – PixelPAC can set up wireless solutions to connect sites either close by or kilometres away.

antenna & satellite

Antenna and satellite dish installation & servicing as well as relocation, repair or installation of cable and data outlets.

home theatre

TV and audio system installations, TV wall mounting, TV tuning & smart TV functions including Apple TV and Google Chromecast, speaker cabling and general assistance with home theatre installations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Telstra approved subcontractor?

Yes, we have completed subcontract work for Telstra in Copper Line Replacement, MIMO installation, Cel-fi design & installation, USO satellite communications upgrade and repairs. 

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of Western Australia.   From Walpole in the far south to the Perth metropolitan area, Geraldton and Midwest to Carnarvon. Up and inland to Gascoine Junction going further up to the Pilbara completing works in Newman, Karratha and Onslow just to mention a few. 

Do you understand the safety prioritisation at high profile sites?

Yes we have worked at many mine-sites across Western Australia and are currently / previously inducted at the following locations:

  • Alinta gas Newman
  • NBN Moonyanooka
  • Patience Geraldton
  • Centrals Geraldton 
  • Geraldton Ports
  • Chubb Security
  • FMG Port Headland 
  • Iluka Geraldton & Cataby
  • Barrick Kalgoorlie
  • Focus Kalgoorlie
  • Minderoo Group
  • Maicon Geraldton
  • Karara Geraldton
Where did you get your experience in Communications?

I started in the army reserves at 17 – regular army at 19 for a time i was platoon signaller – throwing dipole antennas up in trees to try get a signal up past the canopy using heavy antiquated radios was a frustrating but educational experience.  I’ve also worked as an electricians offsider and as a sound engineer for many years before moving into communications full time. Installing and fault finding TV antennas and satellite dishes.  Attaining my cert 2 in electrotechnology and cert 3 in communications along the way the work moved into data cabling which lead to work with NBN CO and Telstra as a subcontractor – all the time learning and implementing new technologies such as NBN fixed wireless, point to point / multipoint, MIMO and cel-fi systems.  I have personally installed thousands of communications devices and achieved signal levels and speeds which an experienced IT staff for major Australian company I was doing remote mimo installation for said : quote “ive never seen a 4g signal this high from that sort of distance” unquote. 


With respects to MIMO and Cel-Fi - Do you stock products for carriers other than telstra.

 As a company specialising in remote communications we believe there really is no viable alternative to Telstra approved equipment, so this is all we supply. Our solutions are required to be robust and reliable – the Telstra network best fulfils this requirement. 

The antennas, Cell-Fi units and MIMO devices we use are all designed for the frequencies and equipment Telstra uses. 

We can install equipment the customer purchase for other carriers – but do not supply it. However we can provide guidance as to where to purchase the right equipment if needed.

Is it possible to computer model whether a solution will work for my specific circumstance:

ABSOLUTELY! – are able to give an excellent detailed analysis via a desktop survey outlining what it will take to get coverage in your requested location.  Their assessments tend to be conservative thus you can rely on a solution they recommend as being very achievable.

Once you have proof of concept from a desktop survey an actual on site survey is worth pursuing – and thats where we can help. More often than not a site survey will show that excellent results can be achieved in an alternative way at a lower cost than what a desktop survey recommends.

We are quite remote, wont your charge be excessive for a call out?

For those not needing the work urgently, we are regularly in all parts of Western Australia throughout the year and can conduct site surveys at substantially less expense as a part of a trip as opposed to making a dedicated trip – contact us and we can add you as part of a job with travel time being just the deviation from the job being attended.   

Of course, for customers who do not wish to wait, we also conduct dedicated site surveys for urgent work.


Fast, friendly service, great communication and well priced. I highly recommend Pixelpac as your best option for antenna installation.

Cindy Medrea

Great friendly and professional service would definitely recommend you to anyone. Thank you

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easy to follow, plain and simple.

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